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Ray Gigant x86 x64 download free torrent

15 gru Ray Gigant x86 x64 download free torrent

Virus free Ray Gigant


Name: Ray Giants

Genre: Adventure, RPG

Developer: Namco BANDAI Entertainment Inc.

Publisher: Acttil, LLC. Grow Up PLAZA bigie boo Download

Release Date: August 11, 2016

About this game

Special Ray gigantic dungeon crawler RPG, dungeon crawling adventure visual novel in Japan, combined with a story. lehenzahvatnye by the story of a young soldier met Ichiyawho mystery. This new player character as the protagonist will be presented later dosvidv you get the story. There are 3 stories berbedaesanIchiyaTotal future, Kyle and the Nile.

Innovative battles:

Unlike the turn-based RPG battle traditional, large enemies with a unique style of Ray and you Gigantadopts distance from a different perspective. your party of three characters, each with unique abilities to participate in a 3-Way hartzeraBataila. In addition, systems based on the rhythm of the song bar releasing the deadly attack, the fate of the characters feel heroyivi resonate through his body!


Junitidak time so far in the citybig is big creatures called giant Each erasoa.Herrialde tried in vain to disrupt the attack force. But then they found a child in Tokyo were able to defeat these monsters. His name, IchiyaAmakaze. This child, who beat the mysterious force known worldwide for Yorigamicame Gigantsusing. But the destruction ondorenErraldoi, he lost control yakzruynuvavshy defend the city, he lost consciousness. Just when he was arrested and in a safe place, wherehe sent his fate,

The flow of the game:

Ray giant, players start with a separate story, instalatzekoezarpenak and then swung out of the cave exploration and combat. Your team of three characters, each with unique abilities and enemies will be faced with various forms. After fighting the boss will hold the event from the story.


The story of the giant InRay Megalosites analyzing and treating the cells takes place. No guadan will explore a number of players on the map3D.


Dynamic game 3-way fight with towering giant of a kind. a large Giants, aurreanalderdi 3 to take a position in the characters, their faces Gigantwith method suitable for use in their positions.


With more coexistence vonypostupovo Yorigamisin Ichiyaand a Yorigami ,, allowed to enter, so the parasitic state. During this time, at the expense of the lives of the characters will borrokatzekoberen.

mengalahkanBar Mode:

Beating Slash Mode, SBM, a special ratewhich can be completed Spend slash mark (SP). In general, you can only perform this action five times per round, but SBM can use to run more than 100 times.

pumping system:

berdintzeasistema developing the game using the tree. derevav 3 branches in different categories, each of which is characteristic of them.

system requirements


OS: Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit)

Processor: Intel Core i5GHz or equivelant

Memory: 6 GB RAM

Graphics: Direct X 11compatible graphics card or equivelant 1GBmemoria

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 6 GB of free space

Sound card: Realtek High Definition Audio comparable or better


OS: Windows, Windows 10

Processor: Intel Core i5 GHz or equivelant

Memory: 8GB RAM

Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 / Radeon R7 AMD equivalent or better

DirectX: Version11

Storage: 6 GB of free space

Sound card: Realtek High Definition Audio setaraatau better


Ray Gigant

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